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  • How to become a member

    2020-09-01 12:47:22 / WEARBETTER

    WEAR BETTER can be used after certification for each business operator separately from membership registration.Please use it after checking the authentication method.

  • Image usage guide

    2020-09-01 12:47:22 / WEARBETTER

    The images used on the WEAR BETTER homepage are images taken/produced directly.You can freely use the purchased product.* All photos uploaded on the homepage are images directly taken by WEAR BETTER, and are provided for the convenience of the purchase of members.Prohibiting images to other sellers or members who have not purchased,If you violate this, we will proceed with legal processing, so please be careful.

  • Shipping instructions and order cancellation

    2020-09-01 12:47:22 / WEARBETTER

    Products are shipped based on the date of deposit, and the period may change depending on the amount of inventory.(If there is an issue such as quality or inventory, the person in charge will contact you, and the production period is 2-3 weeks.)Product delivery period varies by region,In Korea, it can be received within 3 business days from the date of shipment.(For overseas, the arrival schedule for each country is different and the person in charge will guide you.)However, in the case of a small quantity product, it will be sent immediately when stock is held, and it is received within 3 business days in Korea and varies depending on the region in overseas.Delivery will be sent by postal courier, and will be sent with the entered orderer information.When the delivery is complete, we will send you the invoice number via SMS or email.Product cancellation can be canceled within one day as of 12:00 PM after deposit.However, it cannot be canceled since production is in progress after that.When canceling an order, a refund is paid as a reserve and can be used for the next order.When requesting withdrawal, the application for deposit deposit will be deposited into the account.*WEAR BETTER does not deliver consignment to prevent accidents with customers.

  • MOQ

    2020-09-01 12:46:58 / WEARBETTER

    WEAR BETTER can be purchased at any time with a minimum of 3 per product and a total price of 100,000 won or more.The purchase price fluctuates according to the membership level, and if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • TEX

    2020-09-01 12:46:41 / WEARBETTER

    When ordering, please select'Cash Receipt-Proof of Sales' in Proof of Sales.Please note that if you select for personal income deduction, you cannot use it as a purchase when filing VAT.

  • A/S and return information

    2020-09-01 12:46:04 / WEARBETTER

    For A/S request, please contact us through 1:1 inquiry or e-mail, and the person in charge will contact you immediately after confirmation.Except for product defects, you must pay the round-trip shipping cost.Additional A/S cost may be requested after product confirmation.The A/S period is 1 month from the date of shipment.WEAR BETTER products are made to order and cannot be returned/exchanged unless the product is defective.In case of product defects, returns/exchanges are 100% guaranteed, and if you have any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.


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